India's Favourite Mix Veg

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India's Favourite Mix Veg
Description: India's Favourite Mix Veg, Mix veg is one of the most popular local dish in india , found almost at every local restaurants whether a small one or a five star. Its a full course family meal where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with your family member.
Its mostly serve with phulka roti( flat indian bread) dal , salad , pickle and rice.
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Yield: 8 Servings 

India's Favourite Mix Veg


  1. This blog is looking repository of food, we can find every kind of food recipe in this blog. please share more veg recipe because i want to add in our menu list. Chinese and Indian restaurant

    1. Thank you very much Ayshwaryaji for your words, we make sure that soon we are uploading some good recipe for you and our loving followers.
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