Nacho's Bhel



Are you a nachos lovers? If yes,then here’s an interesting nachos recipe for you. Try this Desi Chatpata Nachos Bhel recipe.

Let’s start

Prep Time.       :   15 MINS
Cook Time.       :   10 MINS


Nachos Chips.                 :      150 Grm      
Diced Tomato.                :       Half
Diced Onion.                   :       Half
Chopped jalapeño.         :       3pcs
Chopped Gherkin           :       1
Chopped Green Chilly.  :       4 Pieces
Diced Raw Mango          :   As Require
Chopped Coriander.      :   As Require
Red Chilly Flakes           :   As Require
Lemon                             :   Half
Grated Cheese.               :   2 Cubes
Salt As Require


1. Take a bowl add Nachos Chips crush the        chips.

2. Add Sweet corn, Tomato, Onion, Green  Chilly, Raw Mango, Chilly Flakes, Salt, Jalapeño, Gherkin, Coriander, squeeze the lemon.

3. Now take a Serving Platter & lay the already prepared mixture on it.

4. Sprinkle Grated Cheese over the nachos sprinkle chilly Flakes and few drops of lemon.

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