Refreshing Fizzy Kokum Sarbat


Refreshing Fizzy Kokum Sarbat

Kokum is one of the best natural coolants for the body. Kokum is excellent in reducing the pitta dosha as per ayurveda. Kokum juice and kokum curry helps in digestion and improves the appetite. Kokum is rich in vitamin c and is an anti oxidant.

Prep Time.     -   20 mins
Cook Time.    -   20 mins
Total Time.    -   40 mins

Cuisine.          -   Goan
Course:           -   Beverages


1. Kokum Juice.         -   20ML
2. Melted Jaggery      -   20ML
3. Club Soda               -   Fill It Till Jar
4. Ice Cubes.               -   Ice Cubes As Required
5. Salt                           -   As Require
6. Mint Leaves           -   As Require


1. Take A Jar Pour KokumJuice,
     Jaggery And Salt.

2. Add Mint leaves Crust It. 

3. Add Ice Cubes And Soda Stir It.

4. Serve Immediately,

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